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Employee Management

Appraisals and performance management

Having a performance appraisal process is the best way to get the most from your staff by providing feedback and identifying areas for training and development. We can work with you to develop a system that meets the needs of your business, create clear documentation and train your staff on it too. We can even manage your performance appraisal process and host meetings for you.

breatheHR – online employee management system

Our online software breatheHR takes the hard work out of managing employees and centralises all your employee information in a simple to use system. By automating time consuming tasks such as holiday and absence management you can reduce your paperwork and focus on improving your employees’ performance to grow your business.

breatheHR will also help you manage your data protection obligations under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Managing conduct issues

If you have concerns about the workplace behaviour of a member of staff, or you need to manage a grievance, we are here to advise you on applying best practice in a commercial but practical way. We can help you manage the situation to minimise the disruption to your business. We’re able to advise how to handle difficult conversations, hold disciplinary meetings and carry out investigations for you. We are also able to draw on the expertise of specialist employment lawyers from our sister company, Loch Employment Law, to help protect your business and minimise the time and risks involved with costly litigation.

Improving poor performance

If a member of staff is underperforming, we can help you understand why. Our expertise allows us to identify the underlying causes of poor performance, whether they are work related or personal. We can then develop the right approach to manage the situation effectively and help improve poor performance, providing support by attending meetings and phone calls if you need it.

Psychometric testing

We can provide a range of psychometric assessments to help you make better business decisions. Psychometric testing is often used to help during recruitment to provide objective assessments to support the interview process

We can also provide team assessments to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a team, the profiles of your staff, and how they work together. We can help you identify areas for growth, and create tailored development plans to build the skills of your team. Psychometric testing can also be used with senior managers to help understand their individual strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly important when you are succession planning and developing a strong leadership for the future.

Employee relations

Contracts, policies and handbooks

Clear and fair documentation is the bedrock of good HR practice, providing your employees with information on what you expect from them at work. We can draw up contracts, policy documents and handbooks to help you deal with the common issues that arise when managing staff. We can also draw on the expertise of our sister company, Loch Employment Law, to provide you with tailored contractual clauses and policies to help protect your business too.

Training and development

We work with you to pinpoint areas where your organisation would benefit from staff training and development. Employees who improve their skills get better results, feel more valued and engaged in their work and remain loyal. Good staff retention means you can build on existing skills and knowledge, and avoid the time and expense of recruiting new staff and getting them up to speed. We can provide tailor-made training solutions that are engaging, inspiring and easy to put into action. We can provide training, coaching and development services as follows:

  • Appraisals and performance management
  • Appropriate conduct in the workplace
  • Coaching
  • Communicating with impact
  • Dealing with difficult people at work
  • Equality and diversity
  • First time line managers
  • Interview skills
  • Managing workplace relationship
  • Managing conflict
  • Presentation skills
  • Team building

Recruitment and reorganisation

Recruitment and retention

Employees with the right skill set, who fit with the culture of your organisation create a happy and productive workplace. We can provide advice and support to recruit the best staff for your business, and help you avoid making costly hiring mistakes. Our experts can work with you across the whole of the recruitment process and tailor it to fit your requirements. We can find and shortlist candidates, work with agencies or recruit on your behalf, carry out psychometric testing, and help manage the interview process.


If you are considering restructuring your organisation, we can help you effectively manage the whole process. We can guide you through identifying critical posts and writing new job descriptions, handling consultations and meetings, and developing the communications and documentation you provide to your employees. A well structured, clear and fair process will help you manage the reputation of your business and reduce the risk of costly litigation. We can also work with our sister company, Loch Employment Law, to provide legal advice and our specialist employment lawyers can support you should a claim be brought against the organisation.

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