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Health and Safety

Awareness and training

Health and safety training

We can train your staff to understand the role of health and safety in the workplace.  We can provide updates on current legislation and ensure your staff understand the role both the employer and the employee play, and gaining the skills to manage risks at work.

First Aid at work

As well as meeting your legal obligations, when an employee is injured or becomes ill at work, a First Aider can make the difference between a quick recovery or longer-term health issues. We provide a range of First Aid training to equip your staff with the skills they need to handle a range of first aid emergencies including CPR, choking, shock and minor injuries, along with more serious conditions including heart attacks, spinal injuries, fractures and anaphylaxis.

Our certified courses provide you with evidence that you are meeting your health and safety obligations, whilst giving your staff the confidence to cope with a first aid emergency at work.

Mental Health First Aid

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974), employers have a duty to look after the mental health of their workers. Stress, anxiety and depression are now biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK.

A Mental Health First Aider is trained to spot the symptoms of mental health issues and offer initial help and support to staff towards appropriate support.

By using our training to train Mental Health First Aiders in your organisation, you are taking proactive steps to support the mental wellbeing of your employees and minimising the risk that they will take time off work as a result of mental health issues.

Our two-day training course is available for up to 16 participants at a cost of £2,750 plus VAT and can be delivered onsite at your location, or at a venue to suit you. For every £1 you invest in mental health training, studies have shown you are able to generate £9.98 in return, through increased productivity and few absences from work.

Medical Emergency Response Training (MERT)

Ensure your annual mandatory training requirements from the General Dental Council are met with Loch Wellbeing’s Medical Emergency Response Training.

What does the course cover?

Our MERT training fulfils all of your BDA, GDC and CQC requirements by covering the following: CPR, AED, chest pain, heart attacks, asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetic emergencies, epileptic seizures and choking management.

How to book

Loch Wellbeing’s MERT training is priced at £350 plus VAT. To book, get in touch with our team here.

Loch Associates Group also offer an innovative retainer. This enables you to access all of our services (employment law, HR, health & wellbeing and mediation) at a monthly cost of £300 plus VAT which rolls over each month if unused. Whether you are an existing retainer client, or interested in becoming one, our MERT training can be included in it.

Policies and documentation

Health and safety review

Compliance with Health and Safety Legislation is mandatory for employers of any size. Our Health and Safety review allows you to understand your current compliance and identify any gaps you need to address to ensure your business is protected.

Strategic health and safety advice

If you’re unsure about what your Health & Safety obligations are or what your organisation should be doing to better look after your staff, our Health and Safety Consultants can help.  We’ll work with you to assess your business, develop plans, and can even help with producing documentation.  We can also work with you to ensure your handbooks and staff contracts accurately reflect your Health and Safety policies and procedures.

Managing risks

Food safety

If your business regularly handles food, you’ll understand the importance of food hygiene. Taking the time to inspect or audit your premises gives you peace of mind that you’re operating effectively and minimising the risk to your business. Our inspection teams can carry out checks with minimal disruption and provide comprehensive reports back to you. Where we recommend improvements, these will be practical and cost-effective suggestions that will have a positive impact across your business.

Risk management

We live in a litigious world – this means employers need to assess the risks that exist within their operations and ensure they have effective strategies in place to manage them to avoid unnecessary and expensive claims. Our experts can assess your business and help you develop realistic and practical plans to help you address your operational risks. We can also ensure you have the appropriate policies and procedures in place and your employee contracts and handbooks are up to date.

Fire safety

A fire could be devastating to your business, with the threat of property damage and risk to the lives of your employees. Regular assessment of your compliance with Fire Safety Regulations is a simple way of managing and avoiding the threat of a fire breaking out. Our Assessors can provide you with advice and guidance to minimise the risk to your business, can help provide appropriate fire safety equipment as well as training your staff on what to do in an emergency.


From CCTV to alarm systems, our experts can advise you on the best security solutions for your business. We’ll work with you to identify the risks to the physical security of your business, and help you implement the best tools to protect it.

Manual handling

Compliance with Health and Safety Legislation is mandatory for employers of any size. Our Health and Safety review allows you to understand your current compliance and identify any gaps you need to address to ensure your business is protected.

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