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Easy to use HR software designed for SMEs

Our online software breatheHR takes the hard work out of managing employees and centralises all your employee information in a simple to use system. By automating time consuming tasks such as holiday and absence management you can reduce your paperwork and focus on improving your employees’ performance to grow your business.

Employee management:

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Web based HR Software

Automate Holiday Bookings

Our web based HR software gives you a simple process for holiday approval to save you time. A central record is kept so that you know who is currently on holiday. breatheHR lets your team view their holiday allowance, check requests against an online team calendar.

Employees can submit holiday requests directly to their holiday approver for approval from their dashboard. Employee holiday calculations are clearly displayed for them and they have access to the calendar to see who is off.

Statutory Holidays You can also allocate the statutory holidays based on the country the employee is based in. We keep the statutory holidays up to date, so you do not need to worry about them.

Loch HR


The seamless service between the HR and legal teams in the Loch Associates Group has proved invaluable to us when we needed support with urgent, sensitive matters. The response was appropriate, professional and timely – we could not have asked for more. As a result of this excellent start, we have engaged HRA to provide us with ongoing support on employee matters safe in the knowledge that they will engage with their colleagues within the Group when those services are needed.

Chairman, Board of Trustees

I found Loch HR an absolute blessing at a time when I really needed help. Deborah was excellent. Highly recommend their services.

Loch HR Client

We recently implemented a new HR software solution with Loch Associates Group, and have to say the level of service and training was excellent. The software itself has made many of the HR related challenges much easier to manage, and the assistance with the set-up, implementation and training has been first class. If you’re looking for an affordable HR software solution, I would certainly recommend Loch Associates Group very highly indeed.

Nick Huxted, Gooey Digital

HR Advise me has supported us with all our HR issues since 2015. They provide a comprehensive service which ensures we are up to date with best practices and maintain a happy, motivated team. The HR Advise me team provide calm, professional and helpful support to prevent things from going wrong and to help resolve any issues that do arise. It is reassuring to know that they are available whenever I might need their support and advice and I would highly recommend them.

Loch HR Client

I have no hesitation in recommending Loch Associates to any of my contacts should they ask my advice on employment issues.


Bruce has managed to ignite a real interest in learning about First Aid provision and the importance of the First Aid role in the workplace here at London Expedia and Egencia Manchester offices. Previously to Bruce’s individual approach to carrying out Site based courses, it was a struggle to truly engage delegates to enrol on a three-day course, which took time out of their busy schedules. However, with a few courses under his belt, he has received fantastic feedback from employees. We currently have forty employees all waiting to enrol for 2018 (in just one Site alone) which is truly a remarkable turnaround. Well done Bruce!

UK and Switzerland Hub Manager

Have to say I love working with Kez – she’s like a breath of fresh air and has been so helpful and supportive over these last few weeks. It really made a difference to my workload.

Loch HR Client

Have to say I love working with Kez – she’s like a breath of fresh air and has been so helpful and supportive over these last few weeks. Really made a difference to my workload..

Finance Director, Loch HR Client

It has been a pleasure to work with Loch Associates Group. The team are always prompt in responding to enquiries and clearly have extensive knowledge within the industry. The reports are comprehensive and have assisted significantly with managing very difficult situations with varying complexities in both mental and physical health cases. The services Loch Associates Group provides have become an asset to the Company, contributing to reduced absenteeism and employee engagement. Their services are tailored to our Companies requirements, which has added value to our wider health and wellbeing strategy.

HR Adviser

Sickness / Absence Management

With breatheHR every absence is logged, approved and analysed. Use breatheHR to record and track all employee absence – no matter what type.

By having a central absence management system you can be proactive and spot problems before they develop and monitor sickness without adding extra admin.


Our calendar function shows you all the absence and meeting scheduled. It is automatically updated and you can filter by Department and type of absence. Employees will also be able to view the calendar for holidays and training but sensitive information such as sickness will be limited to the HR view.

Performance Management

Keeping on top of performance is key within a business, breatheHR records individual employee performance:

  • Keep notes of all one to one meetings
  • Record actions and objectives
  • Link employee objectives with company goals
  • Notifications make sure meetings happen

breatheHR helps to manage your performance appraisals online. Keep your employees engaged and motivated by letting them add their own deliverables. Ensure objectives are met and all objectives are in one place so employees and managers know where to find them. Employees have easy access to their objectives from the Dashboard. Objectives can be linked to company goals so employees feel connected and motivated.


Within breatheHR you can export changes made to employees records to pass on to Payroll in order to update employee information. This can be their personal details, job details and salary changes.  When you run the payroll export it will create an excel document containing all the information that the payroll team needs to know in order to run the payroll correctly.

Within breatheHR you have the ability to set a default currency for the company and adjust by employee to match their payment currency. This is ideal if you have employees in different countries.


This module of breatheHR is available from the regular plan upwards and you are able to turn it on or off to suit your company’s needs. Employees can manage their expenses from their dashboard and submit them with their receipts for approval.

GDPR and Security

breatheHR allows you to look after the personal data of your employees safely and securely, and helps you manage your compliance with data protection legislation.

breatheHR holds ISO 27001 accreditation to demonstrate its commitment to the security of the data it holds.  All data held within breatheHR remains within the EU.

Organise Documents

Keep all employee documents safe and publish policies & templates online:

  • Company documents – easily share your company documents, policies and procedures and monitor who has read them.
  • Employee document library – Employees get access through the library where they can confirm they’ve read individual documents.
  • Employee specific documents – Keep all documents relating to individual employees in one secure place. You access them from wherever you are working.
  • Mail merge feature will allow you to create and send documents to an individual, departments, divisions or bulk audience within your company, making communication in your business super easy.


breatheHR has a range of further features, to support your only employee management even further:

  • Managing TOIL
  • Tasks
  • Community dashboard
  • Medical facts
  • Employee duties
  • Calendar integratoin
  • API
  • Org chart

Enquire now on 0203 667 5400

Our experts are waiting to talk with you and our aim is to respond to all enquiries within 2 hours.

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