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Business law

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What does Loch Business Law offer?

Able to assist you at every step of your commercial journey, our business law solicitors, based in Kent, London and Sussex, have decades of collective corporate law experience ready to apply to your situation.

Whether you are embarking on a start-up venture and require the legal drafting of constitutional documents, or you have a dispute relating to a shareholder, partner or director that needs resolution, Loch Business Law is ready to provide honest, straightforward, and affordable advice.

That advice could relate to a proposed acquisition, negotiations when starting a joint venture, or how the sale of majority shares can affect minority shareholders.

If you need legal assistance but you’re not sure where to start, our corporate solicitors offer a free in-person or virtual consultation to become familiar with your requirements and advise on the possible avenues available to you.

Business Law:

How can we help you?

Independently navigating the complexities of business and corporate law can take up a lot of your time, a valuable resource if you are starting a company or have a dispute that requires a swift resolution.

To entrust your commercial legal requirements to us is to place them in safe hands. With Loch Business Law, you can expect advice that is both cost-effective and honest, guiding you towards a solution that is best suited to your needs.

Our corporate law specialists based in Kent, London and Sussex pride themselves on their professionalism and their friendliness.

For any query, please get in touch today for a free consultation.

Loch Law


Commercial Dispute Resolution

Our commercial dispute resolution team provides practical, cost-effective commercial advice to bring your commercial dispute to a resolution.

Director Disputes

We can help you to navigate the interaction between a company’s articles of association, employment law protections and shareholder protections when dealing with, or facing, a director dispute.

Shareholder Disputes

We have extensive experience drafting legal documents such as articles of association and shareholders’ agreements. Both of which can reduce the likelihood of a shareholder dispute.

Partnership Disputes

Partnership & LLP disputes can be disruptive., but the chances of one happening are reduced with a partnership or LLP agreement. Have you got one in place?
Loch Law

Strategic Business Advice

Strategic Business Advice

If you’re unsure about the steps needed to craft an effective corporate growth strategy, we can help with our strategic business advice. With employment law and HR guidance, employers can benefit from effective workforce management and improved employee morale, engagement and performance.

Sales & acquisitions

Our specialists at Loch Law can help you to draft the documents necessary for the purchase or sale of a business, as well as those involved when starting a joint venture.

Commercial legal drafting

The concept of commercial legal drafting applies to almost every facet of your business, from its day-to-day running to sales and acquisitions, and even in moments of dispute or when things go wrong.

For Start-ups

We can provide you with a combination of legal advice, company formation and general business support to help you launch or grow your startup business.

Director’s duties and obligations

Directors have a set of duties and obligations they must fulfil to promote company success, including acting in good faith and exercising reasonable care.

Debt recovery

Unpaid invoices can lead to debt recovery proceedings and legal action. Our debt recovery solicitors promise to provide effective resolution and enforcement.

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