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We have a range of sessions – the most popular are listed below. These can be adapted to suit your circumstances and we can develop bespoke interventions to meet your needs. All of our sessions are delivered by one of our in-house experts, from our onsite training room or remotely. They are also a great networking opportunity for employees and forum for ideas to be nurtured and shared.

Safety services:

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Mental Health First Aid

A two-day course that provides participants with the skills and confidence to support colleagues suffering with poor mental health. Similar, in a way, to how traditional first aid training can save lives. Loch Training & Wellbeing recommends that all workplaces have at least one trained MHFA member of your team.

Manager Training

Designed to assist managers to lead their teams in a way that will not lead to an adverse effect on your teams mental health. Ideal for new managers or managers who could benefit from a refresher in modern, up to date management techniques.

Wellbeing Assessment

A structured review of the state of wellbeing in your workplace delivered either through 121 conversations or by an online survey – the choice is yours. 100% confidentiality guarantee, inspiring employees to provide honest feedback and build a clear image of your organisation. Upon completion, Loch Training & Wellbeing will create and deliver a gap analysis report, present recommendations and an action plan to improve perceived wellbeing.

Wellness Hour

A simple, participative workshop that provides uncomplicated guidance and support on maintaining good mental health. Attendees are then provided with an action plan of personal commitments to roll out in their organisation.

6S Training

A short workshop designed to reduce stress through reorganising the workplace. Ideal for working in an office or at home, but equally applicable to an industrial environment. Based on recognised world class management techniques.

Presentation Skills

Building confidence and reducing stress and anxiety caused by the need to deliver presentations. This workshop will ensure staff have the confidence and techniques to present professionally in no time.

Coaching for Performance

A series of workshops that will give participants the ability to enhance the performance of their teams upon understanding different theories and styles to construct effective conversations to improve/optimise staff performance.

Behaviour Change

A practical workshop that equips participants with the ability to improve performance through an understanding of what drives a positive behavioural culture.

Nip It In The Bud

A practical workshop that equips managers with the skills they need to prevent the escalation of HR issues. Working through conflict management and difficult conversation examples and styles to empower managers.

Effective Working From Home

An interactive workshop that equips managers with the skills needed for leading remote workers.

Active Listening

Training to build your employee’s communication skills and gain trust through the power of active listening.

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Enquire now on 0203 667 5400

Our experts are waiting to talk with you and our aim is to respond to all enquiries within 2 hours.

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