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Health and safety training is important

That fact is illustrated by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, which legally requires every employer to provide whatever training, equipment, PPE and information necessary to ensure the safety and health of its staff in the performance of their duties. Aside from a legal obligation to do so, undertaking effective health and safety training can also reduce the financial impacts and general disruption that avoidable workplace injury can have on your business. One million people are injured in UK workplaces each year, with a further two million suffering from illnesses that are caused by, or made worse by, their work. Training can reduce your contribution to those numbers significantly, also reducing the £16.2 billion impact they have on the UK economy. But health and safety training shouldn’t be approached as a one-size-fits-all tick-box exercise. Instead, we believe it should be tailor-made to fit each individual role within your business. For example, the risks that a receptionist might face will be very different from those experienced by a forklift truck driver. Their individual health and safety training programmes should reflect their duties.

Safety services:

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How Loch Wellness can help:

We can help you to plan, design and execute a health and safety programme that matches the roles and requirements of your business. Loch Wellness works closely with a NEBOSH Gold-awarded learning partner to provide both national and international accreditations recognised by leading organisations including:

  • IOSH;
  • CITB;
  • Qualsafe; and
  • UKATA.

The working world has changed significantly since the pandemic. In order to reflect that fact, your health and safety programme can be undertaken in person or as an e-learning course.

Health and safety rules and regulations also experience change. It is, therefore, important that your employees are kept abreast of any updates relevant to their roles. We can provide comprehensive record keeping, ensuring that an employee’s health and safety training credentials are based on the latest information.

We can also provide an enhanced focus on new employees, employees undertaking additional duties, and those who want to be health and safety ambassadors.

The assistance provided by Loch Wellness allows you to focus on what’s important, the running of your business.

Loch Training & Wellbeing


Your approach is one of collaboration, taking your time to understand the issues, and our position, and then working proactively with us in a practical manner.

FD, Architecture Firm

This is one of the best courses I have been on. The content has been very relevant and practical which will help me in my role and also in my personal life. The instructors have been engaging; passing on their passion for this subject.

Training course feedback

I am highly appreciative of the advice and work I received from Joe Milner and the team at Loch Associates Group.

Joe assisted me with drafting complex supplier contracts and templates for my business and I cannot praise him enough. The work was thorough and Joe’s attention to detail showed he had taken time to really understand what was needed, suggesting ways to adapt them as necessary for our business.

All communications, including from the support team were clear and timely. It was interesting to hear they offer a retainer service, which means Joe can effectively work as the Company’s in-house counsel too, which is a useful service for a business of our size.

Thank you again!

Simon Adby, Nice Work

Your note was very clear about the seemingly complicated and tricky matter and was very helpful in forming our view. Thanks again for your valuable advice and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Finance Director, Manufacturing

Bruce was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and made the 3 days training really enjoyable. His experience as a paramedic gave us 100% confidence that we were receiving the best possible training.

Business Travel Consultant

When I saw Bruce last year I was in a very bad place mentally. For me personally, he came into my life at the right time and if it wasn’t for him I really don’t know if I would be here today. He listened to me and made other people listen and changes were made for the better which helped me, as it improved my life for me. I am in a much better place now and happier in my work and it’s all thanks to Bruce.


The whole team is always incredibly responsive, and they work hard to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Chambers UK 2017

Being a new employer can be very daunting but she gave me the confidence to forge ahead with the process always explaining things in a straight forward manner.

Dave Mac, Employer

Thanks for all your help. Very impressed with how you pressed the negotiations forward on Wednesday to allow us to reach a quick resolution.

App Developer

I found this course to be excellent. The knowledge I have gained a be so useful for my work and personal. The learning exercises were so good too. It was also beneficial to discuss experiences with others.

Training course feedback

With his first-hand experience in dealing with all kinds of medical emergencies; Bruce is not only able to provide us with the latest guidelines and techniques but also the kind of personal support you need when facing the stressful situation of how you will react during a medical emergency.

Pieter, Dentist

The firm is unique, bespoke, and provides a fantastic personalised service.

Chambers and Partners

Bruce was a very engaging trainer, and very creative in his approach. He had his audience connecting very well. The training course was very interesting. Thank you, Bruce.

First Aid Feedback

Your note was clear about the matter and was helpful in forming our review

Finance Director

Thank you for the superb advice you have provided us with over the years.

Business Owner – Care Sector

A pragmatic and common-sense approach is a key factor in why I turn to the firm for advice.


I was an attendee of the course and after talking to my colleagues who were there we have all said how eye-opening and informative it was. We found a more interactive approach was beneficial as we could relate and draw from our own experiences.

Training course feedback

Who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace?

While the responsibility for health and safety in the workplace is shared amongst all staff members, the heaviest burden of responsibility falls on the employer. That employer is expected to put processes into place which provide employees with appropriate levels of training, information and equipment to undertake their duties safely. Not doing so could leave the employer open to reputational damage, financial loss, and both civil and criminal action. Loch Wellness can make sure you are fulfilling your responsibility.

Why is health and safety training important?

Health and safety training is important because it reduces the disruption caused by injury and illness. You, as an employer, have a legal responsibility to provide safe working conditions for your employees, and health and safety training is a vital part of that obligation. The benefits of providing health and safety training, whether online or in person, don’t end with your legal obligation, nor do they end with fewer illnesses and injuries that can save your business money. Employees are also likely to feel valued if they know that their health and wellbeing are being cared for, adding a morale boost to your teams.

Do I have to carry out a risk assessment for every role?

Yes. As part of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, all employers must undertake a risk assessment for the duties that their employees carry out. No role is exempt from that fact, and employers with five or more employees are required to record the significant findings from their risk assessments.

Enquire now on 0203 667 5400

Our experts are waiting to talk with you and our aim is to respond to all enquiries within 2 hours.

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