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Proactive Absence Management (PAM)™

Productivity losses due to employee absence can be considerable, and studies suggest that the average British worker is responsible for the loss of over £500 annually (source: CIPD). Unreasonable absences can also derail carefully scheduled projects, causing major problems with both the morale of your workforce and the quality of your company’s output negatively affected.

Our PAM™ service combines expertise from across the Loch Associates Group to give you practical advice on how to manage and reduce both short and long-term absences. Our team of dedicated HR Medical and Support Specialists can help to uncover the root cause of any absence and ensure that employees are managed and supported more effectively.

Employee management:

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Effective absence management

Managing short-term absence

It’s important to understand that there can be a variety of reasons for short term absences, ranging from genuine sickness to suspected misconduct. Effective absence management should support the legitimate needs of employees, while providing clear and consistent procedures in the event of any unauthorised short term absence.

  • Our HR Consultants and Medical Specialists can assist with:
  • Appraising your HR policies, procedures and documentation
  • Recording, tracking and monitoring employee absence
  • Determining if absence is genuine
  • Having conversations with employees to discuss their absence
  • Providing guidance for return to work meetings
  • Conducting return to work meetings on your behalf
  • Provide training on effective absence management

It’s also important to consider that frequent short-term absences may also be influenced by additional factors throughout the workplace. For example, excessive workloads and any accompanying stress, problematic working relationships and organisational change can all impact the wellbeing and subsequent attendance rates of your employees. We can work in partnership with Loch Training & Wellbeing to identify and deliver appropriate wellbeing solutions for your business.

By giving employees the opportunity to raise any concerns or difficulties they may be facing, effective strategies and support can be put in place. In certain circumstances, however, escalation procedures may also be required if attendance rates do not improve and we can advise you on these options.

Loch HR


It has been a pleasure to work with Loch Associates Group. The team are always prompt in responding to enquiries and clearly have extensive knowledge within the industry. The reports are comprehensive and have assisted significantly with managing very difficult situations with varying complexities in both mental and physical health cases. The services Loch Associates Group provides have become an asset to the Company, contributing to reduced absenteeism and employee engagement. Their services are tailored to our Companies requirements, which has added value to our wider health and wellbeing strategy.

HR Adviser

Have to say I love working with Kez – she’s like a breath of fresh air and has been so helpful and supportive over these last few weeks. It really made a difference to my workload.

Loch HR Client

I found Loch HR an absolute blessing at a time when I really needed help. Deborah was excellent. Highly recommend their services.

Loch HR Client

Bruce has managed to ignite a real interest in learning about First Aid provision and the importance of the First Aid role in the workplace here at London Expedia and Egencia Manchester offices. Previously to Bruce’s individual approach to carrying out Site based courses, it was a struggle to truly engage delegates to enrol on a three-day course, which took time out of their busy schedules. However, with a few courses under his belt, he has received fantastic feedback from employees. We currently have forty employees all waiting to enrol for 2018 (in just one Site alone) which is truly a remarkable turnaround. Well done Bruce!

UK and Switzerland Hub Manager

The seamless service between the HR and legal teams in the Loch Associates Group has proved invaluable to us when we needed support with urgent, sensitive matters. The response was appropriate, professional and timely – we could not have asked for more. As a result of this excellent start, we have engaged HRA to provide us with ongoing support on employee matters safe in the knowledge that they will engage with their colleagues within the Group when those services are needed.

Chairman, Board of Trustees

HR Advise me has supported us with all our HR issues since 2015. They provide a comprehensive service which ensures we are up to date with best practices and maintain a happy, motivated team. The HR Advise me team provide calm, professional and helpful support to prevent things from going wrong and to help resolve any issues that do arise. It is reassuring to know that they are available whenever I might need their support and advice and I would highly recommend them.

Loch HR Client

Have to say I love working with Kez – she’s like a breath of fresh air and has been so helpful and supportive over these last few weeks. Really made a difference to my workload..

Finance Director, Loch HR Client

We recently implemented a new HR software solution with Loch Associates Group, and have to say the level of service and training was excellent. The software itself has made many of the HR related challenges much easier to manage, and the assistance with the set-up, implementation and training has been first class. If you’re looking for an affordable HR software solution, I would certainly recommend Loch Associates Group very highly indeed.

Nick Huxted, Gooey Digital

I have no hesitation in recommending Loch Associates to any of my contacts should they ask my advice on employment issues.



Studies show that after only a few weeks’ absence, almost one in five employees will stay off work indefinitely and eventually leave their job (source: HSE). Early communication is often essential in mitigating some of these risks, determining the extent of any sickness, what level of support is required, and if any absence is in fact genuine.

Managing long-term absence can be a challenge for everyone concerned, often requiring managers to have the understanding, skill and capacity to implement HR policies in delicate circumstances. Even with the best intentions, managers may not have the necessary experience and interpersonal skills to deal with the potential complexities of long-term absence.

Our HR Medical Specialists are experts in understanding complex medical conditions including mental health issues and terminal illnesses and can manage the difficult conversations your managers may not know how to handle.

Our HR Medical Specialists can assist with:

  • Determining if any absence is genuine
  • Contacting an employee to discuss their health
  • Liaising with GPs and other medical specialists
  • Providing reports with practical advice and recommendations
  • Training or guidance for return to work meetings
  • Conducting return to work meetings on your behalf

Through guidance, advice and training, our PAM™ service can not only help to determine the individual needs of employees but will also facilitate a return to work as soon as possible and reduce the disruption to your business.

Should the absence relate to a disability, you are legally obligated to consider making reasonable adjustments for your employee to return to work. In this situation we can advise on your responsibilities and discuss strategies that will help employees return to work as valued members of the team.

Enquire now on 0203 667 5400

Our experts are waiting to talk with you and our aim is to respond to all enquiries within 2 hours.

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