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5 Top Tips for Recruiting Millennials to Your Business

15 February 2021

Millennials are the first generation of digital-natives, known for their skill with all things tech. Today, they make up the largest segment of the workforce and are set to account for 75% by 2030. With these tech strengths, it’s little wonder they are in high demand.

Finding the right person for your business is crucial, and employers face challenges sourcing and retaining talented candidates. By ensuring you have a recruitment strategy that engages millennials, your business can take advantage of the unique abilities they have to offer.

Here are some key tips to effectively harness the force of this generation in your business:

  1. Get clear on your values: Millennials have a different set of expectations and priorities to other candidates when it comes to searching for jobs. They want fulfilling roles that give them a real sense of purpose. It’s important that you’re able to communicate to them how their work makes a positive impact, whether that’s within the business itself or more widely in the community. Knowing that the business is aware of social issues and the ways in which they can contribute to positive change drives this generation to deliver, benefitting the business as a whole.
  2. Establish a sense of community: Culture is one of the most important elements when it comes to your reputation among employees. Potential applicants will want to get a feel for this when considering a role, and equally existing employees need to know that you prioritise people ahead of profit. Building a strong culture not only fosters loyalty but encourages employees to be more productive. You don’t need to install a ping-pong table in every meeting room, but don’t underestimate the value of fun when it comes to creating a bond – staff that enjoy each other’s company and socialise together ultimately become more effective teams. Work hard, play hard is definitely true when it comes to this generation.
  3. Offer professional development opportunities: Another priority high on the list is the ability to develop, and we’re not just talking in terms of salary and benefits. Continuous learning is a key factor in employee retention; millennials want a chance to grow as part of the business. By offering additional training and providing opportunities to gain new skills and expertise, they’ll help push your business forward and reduce employee turnover. Think about skill sharing between colleagues in the form of one-to-one sessions or larger team seminars – this also helps create a non-hierarchical work environment that is open to collaboration and where new ideas can be voiced. This appeals to millennials too.
  4. Keep things fresh: Innovation is an attractive prospect to millennials as they’re passionate about being at the forefront of their industry. Embracing new technologies and practices prevents stagnation and helps maintain excitement about the business, so make sure your team is equipped with the best tools for the job.
  5. Other smaller innovations: Like the introduction of a support dog (see our very own Ellie Dog below!) to the office, or being more flexible around remote working, contribute to the feel of a modern business that evolves alongside industry standards.

Do you have the right recruitment strategy to attract and retain millennials? Does your website send out the right message? Finding the right candidate for a role is critical, and we can support you through the entire lifecycle of the process. If you’d like help with recruitment or employee engagement, our HR Consultants can provide guidance and advice to ensure you find and retain the best people for your business.

News, Blogs & Insights

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