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Appraisals and performance management

13 February 2019

Appraisals and performance management


Every business wants a workforce that is highly motivated and able to deliver great results. Happier employees tend to work harder, and feel that they have more creative freedom to drive innovation and success. If the work environment isn’t engaging or lacks team spirit, however, progress can slow and costs can rise.

Our performance management services can provide essential support for managers and employees, helping staff to reach their full potential. By highlighting performance issues and invigorating your workforce, you can cultivate excellence and drive both personal and professional growth.

At Loch HR, we recognise that employee supervision can be a difficult and time consuming process. We’ll work closely with your business to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and develop training and coaching programs to establish successful patterns of work throughout your business.

“Thank you for listening to our issue and offering on-the-spot advice, then further reviewing and guidance – which proved very effective & helpful.”

Principal, Executive Search Consultancy

How Loch HR can help you:

Our performance management programmes can:

  • Help you establish and carry out a plan of appraisals
  • Improve the culture of co`mmunication in your business
  • Ensure staff remain motivated
  • Set clear objectives and expectations
  • Help to resolve issues before they become major problems for the business
  • Recognise the contributions of your best-performing staff members


We can design and implement bespoke performance appraisal systems to help you review the progress of your employees, discuss goals and provide valuable feedback. As well as supplying programmes and helping to oversee your appraisal meetings, we’ll also be on hand to check over your draft appraisal documents or completed review forms.

It’s also fair to say that throughout any organisation there is always room for improvement – and this includes management. Many employees find it easier to talk honestly to a neutral third party about their work environment, and our involvement can help uncover valuable insights – highlighting areas for personal or team development.


At Loch HR we recognise that every business is as different as the people who staff it. We take great pride in taking the time to understand your business and its employees in order to provide bespoke training programmes that suit your exact requirements.

Whether it’s conducting training sessions using our own in-house expertise, or sourcing other providers for specialist requirements, Loch HR can help.



Businesses can often find it difficult to address issues of staff underperformance, as they feel it can damage personal and professional relationships. Loch HR can assist through the creation of performance improvement plans for underperforming employees, helping to prevent barriers from forming between management and employees as well as handling any difficult conversations on your behalf.

We can also draw on the expertise of our sister company Loch Law, giving you access to professional legal advice and strategies to deal with the most difficult situations.

Rewarding top employees

Every business has its top performers, and recognising their contributions can be the key to retaining first-class talent. We can help to identify what motivates your employees to perform at their best, and to ensure that high quality work doesn’t go unrewarded.

Our performance appraisals can also be instrumental in encouraging excellence in others and bringing your entire workforce up to these high standards – as well as helping each of your workers to feel personally invested in the company’s success.

“ The speed of their service levels combined with high quality advice always exceeds our expectations and as a result we have been a satisfied client of the firm for over 7 years. I would not hesitate to recommend Loch Law to any business.”

Operations Director, Professional Services

“Thanks for all your help. Very impressed how you pressed the negotiations forward on Wednesday to allow us to reach a quick resolution.”

App Developer

“Being a new employer can be very daunting but she gave me the confidence to forge ahead with the process always explaining things in a straight forward manner.”

Dave Mac, Employer

News, Blogs & Insights

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