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Your mental health responsibilities as an employer

11 April 2018

The Stevenson / Farmer Review, released by the Government today (October 26) has brought into sharp focus the role Employers have in managing and supporting the wellbeing and mental health of their staff.

This wide ranging review looks at the impact mental health has on employability, absence from work, progression and productivity, with the result that UK businesses are potentially losing up to £42bn.

The Review introduces new Mental Health Standards for employers to:

  • Produce, implement and communicate a mental health at work plan
  • Develop mental health awareness among employees
  • Encourage open conversations about mental health and the support available when employees are struggling
  • Provide employees with good working conditions
  • Promote effective people management
  • Routinely monitor employee mental health and wellbeing
    It must also be remembered that employers have a legal obligation to manage their staff’s mental health under current Health and Safety legislation – something which we believe is often overlooked.

Here at Loch Associates Group, we have been advocating a holistic approach to managing employees and their wellbeing; the team at Loch HR are supporting clients to improve their policies and procedures around mental health as the foundation for an open dialogue in the workplace. Our medical experts at Loch Training & Wellbeing provide Mental Health First Aid Training, so you and your staff can spot any symptoms early on. And together, the team can provide advice and support to reduce absences and their impact, helping your staff return to work sooner, and cope better in the workplace.

There is not a magic bullet, but mental health issues need not mean the loss of an employee from the workforce. What is important for employers to recognise is the role they play in managing their employees’ mental health and the benefits for the organisation in doing so. Providing an environment where employees at all levels feel comfortable and knowledgeable with mental health issues, with clear lines of support open, results in a workforce better equipped to thrive at work.

If you’re unsure where to start with implementing the mental health standards, or need help to review your current policies we’re here to help. Contact the Loch HR team on 01892 773970, or drop us an email on [email protected]

To explore our Mental Health First Aid Training options, talk to the team at Loch Training & Wellbeing on 01892 773970 or email us on [email protected]

News, Blogs & Insights

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