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Would I lie to you?

8 July 2022

Have you ever recruited someone who has lied on their CV or overstated their capability? If not, you have perhaps been lucky so far. A survey conducted by Checkster, a reference checking company, found that 78% of candidates admitted they had or would consider misrepresenting themselves to obtain a job. This could be done by blatantly lying or overstating their experience or skillset on their CVs or at interview. Once recruited the truth usually only comes out later when complaints are made, or concerns arise about their performance in the role. 

Recruiting staff is already an expensive and time-consuming process for employers, without the added risk of taking someone on who cannot do the job. So, what can employers do to avoid recruiting someone who is prepared to be dishonest about their ability to do the role or lie about their professional or academic qualifications, places of education or their previous experience? 

The good news is that there are a number of steps you can take to minimise that risk.

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News, Blogs & Insights

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