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1 August 2018

1 in 4 people suffer from Mental Health with 12.5 million working days lost each year. 


We’re calling on employers to take proactive steps to look after the mental wellbeing of their staff reduce the stigma of talking about mental health at work. Our campaign provides you with the tools and resources to start the mental health conversation in your workplace, and insight into why it’s so important.

We all need to talk.

Read on to find out how we can help you embed good mental health into your organisation, and provide you with relevant and appropriate training for your staff.

Get involved in the campaign

We’re launching a report to investigate the impact of mental health at work. We want to hear your experience of mental health at work, what your business does to support the wellbeing of staff, and your plans for supporting mental wellbeing in the future. We’re collecting your responses via a short survey, which will help us identify the mental health trends impating businesses and employees.  The report will be published later in 2018

How to start talking about mental health in your workplace


Mental Health Training

Explore the range of Mental Health training courses we are able to deliver for your organisation.

Employer resources

Download our range of resources to help your organisation start the conversation around mental health.

Request a call back

Fill in our form to arrange a call to discuss how we can help your organisation with mental health

“I was an attendee of the course and after talking to my colleagues who were there we have all said how, eye opening and informative it was. We found a more interactive approach was beneficial as we could relate and draw from our own experiences.

We have fed back to our employer how useful and enjoyable the course was. We will use the knowledge and tools we have been given to help in the support of our colleagues.

If everyone was able to have the opportunity to attend this type of course I think it would not only be beneficial to the companies they work for, but for all the people attending teaches them to be a more understanding and helpful team member.”

Operations Executive, Gym chain

News, Blogs & Insights

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