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Train Strikes – what employers should be asking

20 October 2022

My employees can’t get to work because of the strikes and they cannot work from home. Am I still required to pay them?

Generally, no. It is the employees’ obligation to organise travel to work so they either need to organise alternative transport, book the day off as annual leave or ask to take unpaid leave. Otherwise, if they fail to attend work it should be treated as an unauthorised absence.

We’ve closed the business for the day because of the strike. Am I still required to pay staff?

If you close the workplace, you will still be required to pay your staff unless their contract includes a lay-off clause and you have exercised your right to lay them off for that day.

As an employer, what are my other options if my staff have to get to the workplace?

As there has been pre-warning of the strikes, you should think about what options there are to help staff get to work if you need them to work or encourage them to take the day off as holiday or unpaid leave.

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