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The Power of Mediation

22 February 2024

Mediation involves a neutral, independent third party – a mediator – whose role is to help both parties to reach a solution to their problem and to arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution. It can be a very effective way to resolve workplace disputes and that’s why we already offer mediation services at Loch Associates Group. Due to the success of mediation in resolving disputes without the need to end up in legal proceedings, the Ministry of Justice wants to make mediation compulsory for all small claims up to £10,000 and is implementing what it calls integrated mediation from Spring 2024. The Employment Tribunals are listing mediation hearings for Tribunal claims which could last six days or more. From Spring 2024, the Ministry of Justice is implementing “integrated mediation”.

The MoJ predicts that their reform will ‘positively impact’ 92,000 cases and free up to 5,000 sitting days annually. It will allow parties to address their grievance promptly and identify solutions which are not evident during the early stages of a dispute. This can prove both a quicker and more cost-effective form of dispute resolution for both employees and employers, allowing for a resolution to be reached without the lengthy delays in the Courts.

In general, Litigation is a costly process for both the claimant and the respondent, whereas compulsory mediation provides a more cost-efficient form of dispute resolution. It reduces the expenses related to court fees, legal representation, and pre-trial preparations, which can provide a particular strain on financial resources for individual employees bringing a claim.

Here at Loch Associates Group, we have recognised the benefits of mediation for a long time and that is why we offer mediation services through Loch Mediation. Involving our mediators at an early stage means we can identify the cause of conflict and find a resolution quickly.

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News, Blogs & Insights

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