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Loch Law

Meet the team

For the last year I have been working with the team of solicitors at Loch Law expanding our corporate and commercial law services.
Since the start of 2023 we’ve been working on a whole range of things including a new venture capital start up in the insurance industry, a contract procurement negotiation in the education industry as well as working with our investor clients on planning for several new acquisitions in 2023. Our business immigration team have already had 5 sponsorship licences approved as we continue to see an increase in clients changing their recruitment strategy to include migrant workers. We continue to work with the Loch HR Consultants collaborating on a variety of projects from TUPE and redundancy consultations, assisting with restructurings pre and post acquisitions and recruitment for our clients. Working as a Group, along with our trusted HR consultants, our clients’ minds are put at rest working with one trusted partner, Loch Associates Group.