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Tis the Season To Be Jolly? Managing Staff Wellbeing During Christmas 2020

2 December 2020

A recent study has found employees are feeling increasingly anxious, working longer hours and taking fewer sick days over a three-month period. There was an increase from 67% in February 2020 to 84% in August 2020 in employees taking zero sick days.

As the Christmas season approaches, with the stresses it can bring, we look at simple tips to help you manage your team during the Christmas period:

flu jabs

Plan, plan, plan

Prepare a Christmas rota if needed and communicate to staff about the plans in advance. Make sure employees also know who they can contact for support if their immediate manager is on leave. Even small things like this can help reduce stress and improve employee wellbeing.

Consider the atmosphere and culture the business is creating

Some businesses will have staff working at home in the run up to Christmas and others will have staff at home and in the workplace, so think about keeping employees engaged via catch-ups, virtual team events and competitions.

Check in with employees

This sounds simple but is more important than ever. This may involve checking in with employees who remain furloughed, those who are working from home as well as those who are back in the office – just to find out how they are feeling, making sure they are OK and still feel connected to the workplace. When employees do return to the workplace, and are perhaps nervous, it will help make the transition easier and staff will feel valued.

Celebrate together

This may require thinking outside the box this year for party planning! How about remote brownie baking via video call? A remote Secret Santa with virtual present opening? Or a more traditional Christmas party with food delivered and a live DJ…. on Zoom of course!

Show your team some love!

It doesn’t have to be Christmas treats or Secret Santa, there are numerous other ways to show appreciation for your staff. Your Christmas event could include an ‘awards night’ with accolades for each employee; or alternatively sending them a simple thank you card.

Can Loch Associates Group help?

If you need assistance in introducing employee wellbeing plans, then get in touch with our wellbeing experts. We’ll be running wellbeing workshops and sessions regularly, check our Eventbrite page for details.

News, Blogs & Insights

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