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Mental Health

Mental Health at Work

Mental Health First Aid Signposting Service

Our Mental Health Signposting Service is designed to give Mental Health First Aiders access to advice and guidance after they have qualified. The phone line is managed by mental health experts, who can provide advice on how a Mental Health First Aider should manage a situation that arises in the workplace.

Mental Health Incident Reporting

We recognise that evaluating the impact of the investment you make in mental health is critical but can be difficult to do. It can be tricky to develop reporting mechanisms for reporting on conversations that are held under the assumption of confidentiality, which in turn makes it hard to know whether your support services are being used.

Our reporting service means you have an independent third party collecting and monitoring data that otherwise you may not be able to collect. This will give you a unique insight into the mental wellbeing of your workforce, allowing you to spot trends and patterns and develop tailored wellbeing solutions to support your staff.

Mental Health Strategy Support

We can provide strategic support to help you to develop a cohesive and bespoke mental health strategy for your organisation. Drawing on the expertise of the whole Loch Associates Group, we can devise a wellbeing programme and the policies and documentation to support it, as well as provide training to your staff to embed mental health support within your organisation.

Mental Health Training

Mental Health First Aid

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974), employers have a duty to look after the mental health of their workers. Stress, anxiety and depression are now the biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK.

A Mental Health First Aider is trained to spot the symptoms of mental health issues and offer initial help and support to staff.

By using our training to train Mental Health First Aiders in your organisation, you are taking proactive steps to support the mental wellbeing of your employees and minimising the risk that they will take time off work as a result of mental health issues.

Our two-day training course is available for up to 16 participants and can be delivered onsite at your location, or at a venue to suit you. For every £1 you invest in mental health training, studies have shown you are able to generate £9.98 in return, through increased productivity and few absences from work.

Stress management

Stress is one of the leading causes of absence from work in the UK, but by recognising the signs and symptoms in your workforce, your managers can play a big part in minimising this risk. Our stress management training will enable your managers to spot the early warning indicators of stress and take preventative action to support the wellbeing of your staff.

Our training course will help reduce absences from work due to stress and help you create  an environment where your employees can thrive. Our one day course is available for up to 16 participants at a cost of £2,250 plus VAT, and our half day course is £1,750 plus VAT.  Both courses can be delivered onsite at your location, or at a venue to suit you.

Suicide awareness training

Talking about suicide is never easy, but the impact of an employee taking their own life can affect your whole workforce.  Our training equips your managers to spot the signs of someone who is suicidal and gives them the confidence to have a conversation which could save a life.

Our training is run as a 90 minute seminar for 20-30 people at a cost of £500 plus VAT for a single session.

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