Loch Lowdown


Loch Lowdown: Loch Associate Group’s Podcast Series

In our Loch Lowdown Podcast Series, the in-house experts at Loch Associates Group cover the whole range of issues an employer may face employing staff and how to get the best out of your workforce.


Episode 1:

Listen to the first episode below, where our HR specialist Sally Bedeau and Wellbeing expert Bruce Jenner talk about why wellbeing is vital in the workplace, how lockdown restrictions have brought mental health issues to the fore, and the cost to businesses by ignoring it.

Bruce Jenner is an HR Medical Specialist and mental health trainer with Loch Training & Wellbeing. Sally Bedeau is a Senior HR Consultant with Loch HR.

Episode 2:

In the second episode of Loch Lowdown, Pam Loch and Joe Milner discuss everything that you need to consider when starting up a new business. There are thousands of things to do, new skills to learn and generally speaking, not enough hours in the day. If you’re thinking about starting your own company, or are in the early stages of setting up a business, this is likely to be the time when specialist advice is most essential.

Pam Loch is a solicitor and MD of Loch Associates Group. Joe Milner is an employment law solicitor and Solicitor Advocate.

Episode 3:

In the third episode of Loch Lowdown, Alex Kiernan and Kez Yeo talk about the future of the workplace post-Covid, exploring remote working, the potential challenges in managing a return to the workplace, risk assessments, and vaccines.

Alex Kiernan is an employment law solicitor and director of Loch Law. Kez Yeo is a HR Consultant with Loch HR.

Episode 4:

In this podcast episode, Sally Bedeau and Roisin Kavanagh discuss why Diversity and Inclusion are essential to the success of a business, beyond policies and programs. You can find out more about how to assess how good diversity and inclusion is in your workplace, the benefits of doing that, and what actions employers can take to deliver on this in recruitment, behaviour and values.

Sally Bedeau is one of our Senior HR Consultants and Roisin Kavanagh is an employment law solicitor with Loch Law.

Episode 5:

In the fifth episode of Loch Lowdown, we’re giving an in-depth look at the valuable HR Medical Specialist services we offer. Bruce Jenner and Kez Yeo talk about how our clients have benefitted by using our HR Medical Specialists to manage and reduce absence, and get to the root of any problem. Part of Loch Associate Group’s unique Proactive Absence Management system (PAM™) , Bruce will also be talking about the importance of refresher first aid training for staff, returning to the office post Covid, as well as the specialist dental and doctor services on offer from the Group.

Bruce Jenner is a trainer and HR Medical Specialist with Loch Training & Wellbeing. Kez Yeo is a HR Consultant with Loch HR.


Episode 6:

In the sixth podcast episode of Loch Lowdown, we’re discussing why redundancy may not be the best solution when it comes to easing financial burdens for employers.

With the increasing number of redundancies during the covid-19, Alex covers the direct and hidden costs involved, as well as providing alternative solutions which could be more effective than redundancy. Roisin provides an overview of the valuable support that Loch Law can offer with redundancies from strategic input to guiding clients through the process with scripts and letters to use to minimise the risks and costs from a badly handled exit.

Alex Kiernan is an employment law solicitor and Director of Loch Law, and Roisin Kavanagh is an employment law solicitor with Loch Law.

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