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Mental Health Incident Reporting

Mental Health Incident Reporting 

We recognise that evaluating the impact of the investment you make in mental health is critical but can be difficult to do. It can be tricky to develop reporting mechanisms for reporting on conversations that are held under the assumption of confidentiality, which in turn makes it hard to know whether your support services are being used.

With this in mind, we have developed a Mental Health Incident Reporting system to handle the data collection and analysis for you. We can provide your trained Mental Health First Aiders with a simple form to anonymously document each instance of support provided to a colleague. Once returned to us, we will confidentially store these reports for you, and provide you with a monthly report.


“We will use the knowledge and tools we have been given to help in the support of our colleagues.”

 Mental Health First Aider

Benefits of our reporting service:

Our reporting service means you have an independent third party collecting and monitoring data that otherwise you may not be able to collect. This will give you a unique insight into the mental wellbeing of your workforce, allowing you to spot trends and patterns and develop tailored wellbeing solutions to support your staff.

Our reporting service will mean you will be able to understand the impact your investment in mental health has had on your staff, allowing you to report to senior management, stakeholders and shareholders.