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Equal Pay & Wages

Equal pay and wages

Increasing awareness of the Gender Pay Gap – as well as discrimination based on age and ethnicity – has increased the call for greater transparency regarding staff salaries. As of 2017, all companies with over 250 members of staff are required to report on any differences found in pay between male and female staff within four pay bands.

Loch Employment Law can provide timely assistance to fulfil this legal requirement, and help to ensure that pay legislation is adhered to within your organisation. This may include conducting a full evaluation of staff roles and their corresponding salaries, as well as addressing or justifying discrepancies where necessary.

Our team of expert employment lawyers will work with you to review your precise financial structure, delivering assurance that your organisation meets its statutory requirements in relation to the Equality Act 2010, the National Minimum Wage, and other pay legislation. Committing to equal pay and a fair financial structure not only helps to defend against claims for unjustifiable differences in pay, but can also have a positive impact on existing employees, corporate culture and the recruitment process.

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How Loch Employment Law can help

Whatever requirements you may have, our team of expert employment lawyers and dedicated HR specialists will work with you to provide a range of pragmatic solutions relating to pay, including:

  • A full financial analysis, identifying and addressing any wage gap between equivalent or equal members of staff;
  • Assistance with Gender Pay Gap reporting requirements;
  • Preventing and defending against grievances and claims;
  • Specialised advice relating to the financial and construction industries;
  • Guidance on how to respond to investigations from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Beyond leading your organisation through a Gender Pay Gap review, Loch Employment Law can provide assistance on a wide range of issues relating to equal pay. Through ongoing evaluation, monitoring and reporting, we can implement strategies that are in the best interest of both your organisation and employees – making your business a fairer and more attractive place to work.




What does ‘equal pay for equal work’ mean?

Under the Equality Act 2010, men and women are entitled to receive equal pay for equal work. Equal work can be:

  • Like work, i.e. work which involves similar skills, tasks and responsibilities;
  • Equivalent work, i.e. work which is found to be of equal value on analysis;
  • Equally valuable work, i.e. work which is not similar or equivalent, but has been found to be of equal value in terms of output and techniques used

“Equal pay” refers to the entire pay and benefits package. Beyond basic pay, this may include:

  • Access to pensions schemes and any associated benefits;
  • Bonuses and performance-dependent benefits;
  • Hours of work, holiday allowance and breaks;
  • Perks such as company cars, health insurance and gym memberships;
  • Severance and redundancy pay.


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