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Performance management

Performance management

Effective performance management policies and procedures are an essential component of any successful business. Employers need to understand how individual staff members are performing, to both celebrate successes and to be able to put appropriate strategies in place when underperformance issues arise.

Poor employee performance, if left unaddressed, can seriously hamper the effectiveness of your business, reducing team morale and causing interpersonal tension in the workplace. It can be difficult for an employer to decide on the best course of action: whether to support and develop a member of staff, or dismiss the worker in question.

Whatever challenges you may be facing, our Employment Lawyers can advise on the most practical and effective strategy to manage performance, helping to get the productivity of your business back on track.

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How Loch Employment Law can help

Our legal experts can provide you with a strategic approach to handle complex performance issues, helping you keep your business running smoothly. This can include:

  • Strategic advice to help manage performance-related issues
  • Defining appropriate monitoring and assessment requirements
  • Investigations for possible reasons of poor performance
  • Exiting employees
  • Providing advice on settlement agreements

By working with Loch Employment Law, we can help ensure that your policies and procedures provide your business with an effective framework that can help to improve performance, and ensure all staff members are contributing towards the overall success of your business.

Dismissing staff members

We can also provide advice and guidance on exiting an employee, demonstrating that you have followed a fair procedure that can mitigate any later claims. If you prefer, we can provide advice on following a more commercial strategy to exit them sooner. We’ll help you understand the cause of poor performance whether that’s a lack of certain skills or capabilities, health-related concerns, a lack of training or even due to interpersonal issues with colleagues.

We’ll help you look at the bigger picture and ensure your processes and procedures for managing a dismissal do not expose your business to any risk.

It’s also important that you clearly communicate any performance-related concerns to staff members, giving them the necessary tools, training and opportunities to improve. Our lawyers will work with you to ensure the necessary steps have been taken in a process, and that in the event of a dismissal, any liability for claims of discrimination, harassment or unfair dismissal has been successfully identified and minimised.

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