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Managing investigations and inquiries

Managing Investigations and inquiries


While most matters in the workplace can be resolved quickly and efficiently, there may be instances when a more detailed investigation is required. A successful investigation allows you to accurately establish the facts, and subsequently make informed decisions on the most appropriate course of action. Investigations can also promote positive staff relations, demonstrating to employees that their complaints are being taken seriously by management.

However conducting an investigation internally is not without its challenges. They can be time-consuming, and you may not have the right, independent person to manage the process effectively.

Selecting a suitable investigator is critical in ensuring that the findings are not only robust, but that they identify any potential sources of liability and reduce the risk of any future claims against you.

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How Loch Employment Law can help

Getting an investigation wrong can have significant repercussions if a claim is brought against you later on. Loch Employment Law can carry out an investigation on your behalf, where our impartial experts will be able to plan and conduct the process thoroughly before reviewing all of the evidence available from witnesses, documents, internal emails, and more.

Alternatively, we can help you identify and appoint the most appropriate member of staff to carry out the procedure, and offer guidance as to what needs to be done – who to speak to, what questions to ask, and other detailed direction to facilitate a smooth and efficient investigation.

Investigations are often fact-finding exercises in the first instance, seeking to establish definitively whether allegations are accurate and the exact nature of events. This process must be carried out with systematic rigour and the results analysed properly to arrive at a full understanding of the situation – and therefore the best course of action needed in response.

Using Loch Employment Law to support your investigation will ensure you minimise the impact of an investigation on your business, whilst ensuring a fair and accurate outcome.

Flexible solutions and additional support

We can also assist in investigating problems with staff absenteeism. By working closely with the dedicated HR Medical Specialists from our sister company, HR Advise Me, we can help to understand whether an employee with poor attendance has a legitimate medical issue, and how you can effectively manage the situation.

Loch Employment Law can also step in to review the results of an inquiry conducted by another party, such as in a court or tribunal setting. Every investigation is different, and we can provide a bespoke solution based on the unique needs of your business.

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