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Contracts and service agreements

Contracts and service agreements

Most working relationships start in good faith, with both sides working towards a common goal. However as working relationships develop, misunderstandings can unfortunately occur. Problems often arise when there is a dispute about what was initially agreed upon, or if something goes wrong. The resulting dispute is not only unproductive, but can place undue strain on working relationships and the ultimate success of your business.

Whatever the size of your company it’s imperative that your contracts and service agreements are kept up-to-date, detailing the various obligations of everyone involved and protecting your business in the event of a dispute.

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How Loch Employment Law can help

Our employment lawyers will ensure you have the right contracts and service agreements in place to support your business goals. We can review any existing employment agreements, ensuring that they are rigorous enough to safeguard your interests and intellectual property, comply with data protection legislation and accurately reflect your relationship. We can also create bespoke clauses that ensure your contractor relationships don’t put your business at risk, while minimising the risk of claims against you.

From reviewing existing contracts to drafting bespoke documentation and clauses, Loch Employment Law can ensure your company enjoys the protection of expertly-written contracts and service agreements – making you fully prepared for every eventuality.

IR35, HMRC and the gig economy

With an increasing focus from the HMRC on the value of contractor relationships, the gig economy and appropriate taxation, it’s never been more important to ensure your contracts accurately reflect your relationship with consultants and contractors.

Getting worker status wrong could expose your business to fines and penalties, and you could be vulnerable to disruptive disputes if contracts and agreements are not clearly defined. You are also at risk of back payment of benefits and penalties if a workers’ status is later successfully challenged.

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